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jana helmuth award

Jana is a past chair of the Board of Directors of Northaven 

Foundation and a current member of Board of Trustees for Northaven. Northaven ​ensures affordable housing and 

compassionate care for older adults. Jana received the Bob & Joyce Mays Award for outstanding service to Northaven's mission from Theresa Peloso (right), President, Board of Trustees, and Darlene Storti, Executive Director. This award is presented to an individual that has had a significant impact on the missions of the Foundation and Northaven Independent and Assisted Living.


We were a charter sponsor of the Family 4th at Lake Union

hosted by One Reel from 2010-2012. 

We were a proud partner of Molly Helmuth, a local stock car racer from 2009-2019. Molly acted as a role model for women within the racing industry. Molly was the 2015-2017 Evergreen Speedway, 2018-2019 CARS Tour, and 2018 Speed 51 National's "Most Popular Driver". ​

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